Battle of Coimbra - 1810

Side 1:BY THE MERCY OF GOD. Victory flying left.

Side 2: OCT. 7 / COIMBRA / 1810

British Historical Medals 697
Mm. 15 - Brass
By E. Thomason

British Historical Medals - 697 - THE BATTLE OF COIMBRA
Br. 15 published by E. Thomason
Obv. Victory flying left. BY THE MERCY OF GOD.
Rev. OCT. 7 / COIMBRA / 1810
Br. N
Following the battle of Bussaco, Masséna found a way round the Bussaco ridge and thus forced the allied army to retreat. Contact being lost with the enemy, the allies were able to retreat undisturbed towards the city of Coimbra. The French had already sacked the city and captured large quantities of goods which had not been destroyed or removed despite Wellington's specific orders, Masséna had left his wounded in the city under insufficient guard and General Sir Nicholas Trant with some 4,000 militia was able to take the enemy by surprise thus forcing the surrender of two fortified hospitals. In all, over 4,500 French including the sick and wounded, were captured.
....One of a set of medals issued in 1815 ( see No. 888 ).