Battle of Vitoria - 1813

Below: MILLS F.

Side 2: In ex.: BATTLE OF VITTORIA / 1815
To left: LEFEVRE; to right: J. MUDIE D.

Bramsen 1236, British Historical Medals 756 - Mudie Series 22 (1820)
Mm. 41 - White metal
Engravers:Mills & Lefevre

Bramsen - 1236 (Mills et Lefevre) Bataille de Vittoria (Description)

ARTHUR DUKE OF WELLINGTON. Buste en uniforme, à droite.
Rev: La Victoire, lançant le foudre, sur un char de triomphe, attelé de deux chevaux. Exergue: BATTLE OF VITTORIA 1813.
Médaille, 41 mm. - Inédite; cabinet de l'auteur.

British Historical Medals - 756 - THE BATTLE OF VITORIA
AR, AE, WM 41 by G. Mills and Lefevre
Obv. Uniformed bust of teh Duke of Wellington, right. ARTHUR DUKE OF WELLINGTON
Rev. Bellona driving a biga, left: In exergue: BATTLE OF VITTORIA / 1813
M . 22.
The battle of Vitoria which took place on the 21st June 1813 was Wellington's first great battle of that year. Joseph Bonaparte, having collected all the baggage and camp followers in the Vitoria basin, was strongly attacked on three positions. General Graham on the left, General Hill on the right and Wellington in the centre, who was to carry three bridges. The successful outcome of these three attacks eventually brought about the headlong flight of the French and Wellington was able to drive the French over the Pyrenees.
...One of Mudie's National Medals (see No. 1057) issued in 1820. Examples of this medal occur in white metal and are probably restrikes and were not included in the series. This medal is believed to have been struck in gold but no specimen has been met with.
...The Ashmolean Museum has a mule of the obverse of this piece and the obverse of No. 884 (Mudie 37 in this series). Mules of the obverse of this piece also exist combined with the obverse of the medal issued by Mudie as a memorial to Nelson. See No. 595.

Mudie Series n. XXII - Battle of Vittoria - Description of the medal

...OBVERSE. - Duke of Wellington, in his Marshal's dress, ably executed by Mills.
...REVERSE. - This beautiful reverse displays the Genius of War and Victory pursuing the French, who, in thir precipitate flight, left in the possession of the British, King Joseph's valuable baggage, money, pictures, &c.