Duchy of Parma, Piacenza and Guastalla

Ferdinand I Bourbon-Parma (1765-1802)

20 Soldi (Lira) - 1795 - Parma mint - Mixture

Obv.: FERD.I.H.I.D.G.PAR.PL.VAST. D. 1795.
Crowned oval coat of arms among palm branches. By the sides: D.G.

Rev.: S. THOMAS. APOST. PAR. PROT. In ex.. SOLDI XX. - I. Z.
Bust of St. Thomas holding book and spear

Mm. 24, grs. 4,2

Coinage for Piacenza

10 Soldi (1/2 Lira) - 1792 - Parma mint - Mixture

Obv.: S  ANTO  M  PROT  PLAC .
St. Antonino on horseback left . In ex.: SOLD. X

Rev.: FERD  I  H  I  D  G  PLAC  PAR  V  DVX 1792.
Crowned coat of arms

Mm. 23, grs. 3