Subalpine Republic (1800-1802)

2 Soldi - 1801/1802 - Turin mint - Copper

Obv.: Within a circle the value, SOLDI DUE in script. Around: NAZIONE . PIEMONTESE .

Rev.: A phrygien bonnet above a triangle surrounded by oak branches. Below the triangle: A. 9. Above: LIBERTA; below: EGUAGLIANZA

Mm. 28,5, Grs. 10,8

5 Franchi - 1802 - Turin mint - Silver

Allegorical figures of France and Subalpine Republic. On the line of the exergue: LAVY

Rev.: 5 / FRANCS / L'AN 10 / heart, within branches of palm and laurel. Around: LIBERTÉ EGALITÉ rosette ERIDANIA rosette. (The heart is the mark of the Mint Master Vittorio Modesto Paroletti)
On the edge: leafs in relief.

Mm. 37, Grs. 25 - Engraver: Amedeo Lavy