Kingdom of Italy
Victor Emmanuel III

20 Centesimi Token of International Show of Milan - 1906

Head of Minerva (or Italy?) facing with a diadem formed by two figures (Art and Industry?). Around, a ribbon within which is written: ESPOSIZIONE INTERNAZIONALE MILANO 1906. To left: EB (in monogram) MOD.

Within a ribbon twining round foliage. VALEVOLE NELL'INTERNO DELL'ESPOSIZIONE. In the field: CENTM 20. Below: DAL / COMITATO / CONVERTIBILE AL PORTATORE / IN MONETA LEGALE / DVRANTE L’ESPOSIZIONE. To left, along the edge: S. JOHNSON. To right, along the edge: AC (in monogram) INC.
Modellist of the obverse : Egidio Boninsegna
Modellist of the reverse: Angelo Cappuccio
Johnson Works of Milan
Edge: plain
Mm. 27,5 - Gr. 9,7 - Copper
Mintage: ----

Token spendable only within the International Show of Milan.