L. CORNELIVS CIN(N)A - 169/158 B.C. - Rome mint
Crawford 178/1
As - AE

Obv.:Laureate head of Janus

Rev.: Prow right. CINA above; I before; ROMA below.

Grs. 27,7, mm. 29,7

CN. CORNELIVS CN. F. BLASIO - 112/111 B.C. - Rome mint
Crawford 296/1c
Denarius - Silver

Obv.:Mars, helmeted, right (or Scipio Africanus), CN. BLASIO CN.F. before (var. N retrograde), bucranium behind. XVI (in monogram) above

Rev.: Juno, Jupiter being crowned by Minerva; letter T in field, ROMA in ex.

Grs. 3,25 mm. 20,6x18,4

Crawford 345/2
Quinarius - Silver

Obv.: Laureate head of Jupiter right

Rev.: Victory right crowning trophy. In ex. CN LENT (NT in monogram)

Grs. 1,5 mm. 13,4x14,5

Crawford 345/1
Denarius - Silver
Obv.: Helmeted bust of Mars right, seen from behind, with spear and parazonium

Rev.: Victory in biga right. In ex. CN LENTVL

Grs. 3,7 mm. 16,7x18,3

L. CORNELIVS LENTVLVS & C. CLAVDIVS MARCELLVS - 49 B.C. - Rome mint (or in Sicily)
Crawford 445/1b
Denarius - Silver

Obv.: Facing head of Medusa in center of triskeles, ear of corn between each leg

Rev.: Jupiter standing right with thunderbolt & eagle. LENT MAR (NT & MAR in monogram) left, COS right.

Grs. 3,5 mm. 18,4