C. SVLPICIVS C. f. GALBA - 106 BC - Rome mint
Crawford 312/1
Serrate denarius - Silver

Obv.: Conjoined laureate heads of the Dei Penates left. Below: D.P.P. (Dei Penates Publici)

Rev.: Two soldiers swearing oath over a sow; F above. In ex.: C. SVLPICI C.F.

Grs. 3,9 mm. 18x19,2

P. SVLPICIVS GALBA - 69 BC - Rome mint
Crawford 406/1
Denarius - Silver

Obv.: Veiled head of Vesta right; S.C behind

Rev.: Knife, simpulum and ornamented axe; AE CVR in field, P GALB in ex.

Grs. 3,8 mm. 18,6