A set of forty medals was issued in 1820 to celebrate the most important military and naval events during the reign of George III. They were produced in silver and bronze by a Mr James Mudie of London....
The complete set was issued in a leather case (usually either green or red) in the form of a book with one velvet lined tray holding twenty medals; a second tray forms the base of the box....
The medals were struck by Edward Thomason, mainly from dies engraved in France....
Some examples of the medals are struck in pewter or white metal; these were probably struck at a later date (c. 1830-1840, by G. R. Collins, the successor to Edward Thomason) and are not strictly part of the set.

From British Historical Medals, Vol. 1

1. King George III dedication, 1817 .
BHM N° 933
2. Settlement of the British at Bombay and the East India Company's victory over a French squadron, 1804.
BHM N° 567
3. Lord Howe and the defeat of the French fleet off Ushant, 1794.
BHM N° 387
4. Earl St. Vincent and the battle of Cape St. Vincent, 1797.
BHM N° 438
5. Admiral Duncan and the battle of Camperdown, 1797.
BHM N° 432
6. Admiral Lord Nelson and the battle of Trafalgar, 1805
BHM N° 595
7. Admiral Sir Sidney Smith and the defence of Acre, 1799
BHM N° 476
8. Sir Ralph Abercromby and the arrival of the English army in Egypt, 1801
BHM N° 504
9. Major-General Hutchinson and the Delivery of Egypt, 1801
BHM N° 509
10. A Scottish soldier, 1815
BHM N° 868
11. Presentation of Colours to Royal Military College by Queen Charlotte, 1813
BHM N° 769
12. The arrival of the English army in the Peninsular, 1808
BHM N°635
13. The battle of Vimiera and the entry of the English army into Lisbon, 1808
BHM N°637
14. The death of Sir John Moore, 1809
BHM N° 666
15. The passage of the Douro, 1809
BHM N° 671
16. The battle of Talavera, 1809
BHM N° 673
17. The lines of Torres Vedras and the British army on the Tagus, 1810/11
BHM N° 713
18. The battle of Albuera, 1811
BHM N° 718
19. Lt. General Sir Thomas Picton and the capture of Badajoz, 1812
BHM N° 730
20. General Lord Hill and the battle of Almaraz, 1812
BHM N° 727
21. The battle of Salamanca, 1812
BHM N° 735
22. The battle of Vittoria, 1813
BHM N° 756
23. The battle of the Pyrenees, 1813
BHM N° 760
24. Lord Lynedoch and the capture of St. Sebastian, 1813
BHM N° 761
25. The surrender of Pampeluna, 1813
BHM N° 765
26. The battle of Toulouse, 1814
BHM N° 789
27. Peace in Europe, 1814
BHM N° 825
28. The Prince Regent, 1816
BHM N° 776
29. The Treaties of Paris, 1814/15
BHM N° 892
30. Visit of the Allied Sovereigns to England, 1814
BHM N° 854
31. The Duke of Cambridge, 1814
BHM N° 777
32. Flight of Napoleon from Elba, 1815
BHM N° 869
33. The British army in Netherlands, 1815
BHM N° 867
34. The Marquis of Anglesey, 1815
BHM N° 859
35. The battle of Waterloo, 1815
BHM N° 871
36. The Duke of Wellington and the entry of the English army into Paris, 1815
BHM N°889
37. The surrender of Napoleon, 1815
BHM N° 884
38. Napoleon at the island of St. Helena, 1815
BHM N°891
39. Admiral Lord Exmouth and the bombardment of Algiers, 1816
BHM N° 921
40. The Ionian Islands, 1817
BHM N° 958